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Squeaking by in the SF Bay Area
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frugal living SF/Bay Area
Are you just making it in the SF Bay Area?

Are you just getting by in an area with both high housing prices and unemployment rates? Where a salary of $40k just gets you a one bedroom apartment (or a studio)?

Tired of coupon clipping tips that never apply to you?

Tired of people telling you to just dump the internet connection to save money?

Share your tips for how to get by: where to shop, how to save money, where the discounts are, how to do this all while being environmentally conscious.

The Rules:

Keep the posts on topic.

Be respectful of other users.

Don't try to sell anyone anything, including work from home or survey sites (questions on legitimacy of businesses are ok, but don't come pushing your website link). Caveat - promoting other livejournal communities is ok, but don't be pesty about it.

If you're going to discuss activities like dumpster diving, which can be on shaky legal grounds, mention both the legal and health risks.

Posts that break the rules, are harassing, etc will be deleted.

questions or complaints - email eblivejournal@gmail.com. The moderators have lives outside of livejournal so give us a reasonable turn around time.

Posts to this community are public unless you choose to make the post to members only

Because of the nature of store sales, by the time you encounter a post about a sale, the sale may be over, so pay attention to the date these posts were made.

on twitter use #frugal_sfbay

for general frugality tips, try also the community poor_skills